Total supply 1Q
SYNC price 0.0000000037640
Holders 4762
Market Cap $ 2,336,935
Key Features

Merging global decentralized markets from different


LinkSync aims to provide a safe trading environment to early crypto investors by designing an online platform that restricts access to scam projects while giving increased visibility and in- sights on promising projects. Our teams of experts will evaluate KYC, PoC, white papers, smart contracts and many more.

Experience unique charting tools connecting all DeFi blockchains. Web platform with a mobile app that gives you access to live market data.
Be protected by rug pulls, using our advanced features. Track other wallets, verified contracts, verified teams. without a pay to win scheme!
Promising projects will have the option to launch their tokens using LinkSync launchpad. Untrustworthy developers are not welcome here!
LinkSync info


LinkSync is a Bep20 token deployed on the BSC, with integrated reflections and a true buyback and burn mechanism. LinkSync aims to bring transparency to the DeFi network.

  • Total supply: 1 Quadrillion
  • Tax per transaction: 12%
  • Rewards for holding: 4%
  • Liquidity fee: 3%
  • Marketing and development: 3%
  • BuyBack: 2%
Our Services

SYNC Ecosystem

Every holder will receive reflection, whenever there is a transaction. 4% of every transaction will be redistributed to the holders. Holders get to enjoy a never-ending cycle of passive income with positive price pressure.
Charting Platform
LinkSync develops a safe and reliable next-gen mobile charting tool for live streaming charts for ETH, BSC, MATIC, and ADA tokens. Our charting tool will contain improved technical analysis where you select clear preselected technical indicators in our charts.
Staking Pools
LinkSync is building a staking protocol where holders can lock up their $SYNC holding in order to obtain rewards and earn interest.
LinkSync is building a launch platform where holders will get exclusive access to join presales from tokens that will launch. Tokens launched from the launchpad must meet several conditions for a presale listing: fully doxxed teams, Liquidity Pool and team tokenslocked for minimum of 6 months.
LinkSync Tracker

SYNC Tracker

The LinkSync Tracker is one of the many smart features that will be released for investors.

Track your SYNC portfolio easier, get to know how many reflections you are getting just by holding and knowing your transaction history. All in one place!

Charting platform, Staking and Launchpad are coming soon as well.

Soon available also on:


Our journey so far


Q4 | Part 1



Private presale


Marketing begins



First Partnership

1K Holders - first burn


Q4 | Part 2

First exchange listing

5M MC second burn

Proof of concept | Design

LinkSync tracker release

Marketing campaigns

Staking development begins

Website redesign

Mobile app design

Second partnership


Q4 | Part 3

Christmas burn

Charting platform design

Staking design

Launchpad design

Tracker design update

Third partnership



We are just getting started....

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Buy BNB with your card and pay only the LinkSync transaction tax.

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Behind the Project

LinkSync's core team is composed of 7 international people with different skill sets ranging from project management, marketing, finance, design to development.

All of the LinkSync core members have different years of experience related to crypto's project development and assisted in multiple successfull launches and growth of projects. The team came together looking forward to estabilish a brand for several years to come.

Hang out with us in the LinkSync's community channels and get to know what we aim to achieve.